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Innovative bait boxes against ants & silverfish

Clean and fast pest control

Bocholt, 29.11.2021 - The ARDAP brand from Ardap Care GmbH has been known for highly effective pest and insect control for over 50 years. The wide range with proven top products for use in the household, garden, on animals and in the animal environment has now been expanded to include high-quality products for combating ants and silverfish in indoor and outdoor areas.

Especially in autumn and winter, silverfish appear more frequently in flats and houses. This is because silverfish often live on the facades of houses. If you leave the windows tilted for a longer period of time in the damp autumn months, you invite the wingless insects straight into your own four walls. Silverfish feel most at home in rooms with a humidity of at least 80%, for example in the bathroom and kitchen. The stable and moisture-resistant ARDAP silverfish bait boxes guarantee a clean, quick and reliable removal of silverfish and cockroaches. They are attracted by the new, particularly attractive and odourless ARDAP bait gel in the tin, absorb it and carry it to their hiding place. Within a short time, the bait gel unfolds its full effect.

When the first ants show up again in flats, houses, on terraces and balconies from April at the latest, the ARDAP ant bait cans offer an effective solution for controlling all ant species. The ants are attracted by the innovative bait gel in the can, absorb it and carry it into the nest, effectively combating the entire ant nest.

The sturdy and weatherproof bait boxes keep the harmless bait gel out of the reach of children and pets and work where they are supposed to.

  • Novel bait gel with strong attracting effect
  • Clean, fast and reliable
  • In a sturdy, weatherproof bait box - out of reach of children and pets.
  • Harmless for humans and animals
  • ARDAP Silverfish Bait Tins Pack of 4: RRP €12.99
  • ARDAP Ant Bait Boxes 3 Pack: RRP €12.99


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